What’s Inside

You will watch multiple experiences on forgiveness and growth.

The Power Of Forgiveness

ABOVE: From the film “The Power of Forgiveness” Journey Films, 2006, Martin Doblmeier)

Eyewitness to 9/11: An Upstate Story

ABOVE: Recent interview on South Carolina ETV to promote the 9/11 exhibit at the Cherokee Country Arts and History Museum

Forgiveness Is Trainable

ABOVE: Fred Luskin Interview on Practicing Forgiveness with Harris

Forgiveness, Reconciliation And Peace

ABOVE: Presentation for Forgiveness Conference of Feminanza International at B’nai Jeshuran Synagogue, NYC

9/11 Reflections

ABOVE: Interview for the Episcopal Church

Rev. Lyndon Harris and the 9/12 Moment

ABOVE: Interview for Uplift Academy on “The 9/12 Moment” in NYC, October 2006

Lyndon Harris: Forgiveness

The Rev. Lyndon Harris talks about forgiveness and how his time at St. Paul’s Chapel in NYC during the 9/11 attacks changed his outlook on grace and forgiveness.