Forgiveness Workshops, Seminars, Keynotes

and Coaching

Building Better Businesses Through the Power of Forgiveness

Lyndon is available to offer workshops and seminars for businesses, and/or HR networks on what Forbes Magazine describes as the “least understood leadership trait in the workplace”: FORGIVENESS. Drawing upon research on the significant impact forgiveness training has had for a Fortune 100 company, Lyndon will share developments in the new science of forgiveness, and ways to apply forgiveness in the workplace to build better businesses. Research based on the work of Stanford researcher, Dr. Frederic Luskin.

The Prodigals’ Feast

Lyndon is available to lead retreats for faith communities on the power of forgiveness to heal the past and inspire new beginnings for individuals and communities. The yearning to return home is archetypal: it’s Odysseus yearning for Ithaca; it’s Dorothy longing to return to her family in Kansas. We will explore this biblical narrative to identify which character participants most resonate with: the prodigal son, the older brother, or the loving father? We will then explore the science of forgiveness, and ways forgiveness can transform conflict, create new beginnings, and heal past wounds.

Healing the Past, Creating the Future: Pastoral Excellence through Forgiveness

Lyndon and his colleagues Dr. Frederic Luskin (Stanford Forgiveness Project) and Jed Rosen (M.S.W. – clinical social worker and psychotherapist in practice for 40 years) are available to consider a “Train the Trainer” 32-hour course for groups (20 participants or more) of pastoral caregivers and faith community leaders on the Forgive For Good methodology of the Stanford Forgiveness Project. To explore possibilities, pricing, and options, reach out to Lyndon at

Keynote Addresses

Lyndon is available to offer captivating talks and keynote addresses for conferences and community gatherings. Lyndon has given talks and keynotes near and far: in addition to talks and keynotes in the US, Lyndon has spoken in Kigale, Rwanda; Melbourne, Australia; South Africa (Durban, Johannesburg, and Cape Town); Mumbai, India; Israel/Palestine; Beirut, Lebanon; Barcelona, Spain; and Bogota, Colombia.

The Challenges of Self Forgiveness

Psychological research and literature make clear that self-efficacy is key to one’s health, happiness, and flourishing. Self-efficacy reflects one’s confidence to make meaningful goals for one’s life, and to have a reasonable means to meet those goals. Self-forgiveness is essential for attaining self-efficacy and flourishing. This workshop will examine what forgiveness is and is not, and explore challenges to self-forgiveness by identifying them: regret, guilt, shame and self-attack, remorse and perseverative rumination about mistakes made. Participants will be taken through the 12 Steps to Self Forgiveness. Dialogue and small group work will be utilized.

Forgiveness Coaching for Individuals

Are you renting out too much space in your head on a grudge that the offending person has forgotten about? Are you losing sleep over regrets and remorse because of a mistake you made? Or has life dealt you a challenging blow that you’re having a hard time processing? Or maybe you’re trying to pick up the pieces of your life after it fell apart. In all of these situations, you might find that forgiveness offers you a way forward. Archbishop Tutu said it best: “There is no future without forgiveness.”

Lyndon offers forgiveness coaching for anyone wrestling with forgiveness issues, or who find themselves emotionally stuck in some way. Forgiveness coaching is not counseling but serves as an excellent adjunct to counseling. Coaching is done via online platforms, and sessions typically last around 45 minutes. Most people tend to experience positive change within three sessions. Please contact Lyndon to find out more.